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16 May 2021, 10 or 5 km run and walk event in the Domain for women of all ages and fitness levels.

Summer Series in the Domain

The Thursday 5 &10 km run or walk in the Domain will return on 30 Sept 2021

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Rotorua Marathon Build-up

Rotorua Marathon, 08 May 2021, join us for the 14 week buildup.


Coming up next:

The Auckland Marathon Club continues the 14 week buildup to Rotorua Marathon 7am every Sunday for runners. Walkers start at 6am. The Club is able to operate under the current Covid-19 Alert rules. We are getting into those longer training runs and walks now. The Half Marathoners do turn off, for around an 18km return course. More details on the Programs Tab.

Do allow extra time to find a car park perhaps on the surrounding streets around Hopetoun St bridge.

The annual WhyWomenRun event returns to the Auckland Domain on Sunday May 16. Enter here  This event is open to women of all ages, from all walks of life and of various abilities. They can all enjoy a 5km or 2 lap, 10km race in a friendly, non-threatening, yet motivating community environment. Invite everyone along to the  YMCA Marathon/WhyWomenRun-5k-and-10k/ event. More details on the Events tab above.

Check the latest updates facebook/Auckland-YMCA-Marathon-Club-NZ-Official 

Meanwhile, discounted event entries are often available to our Club Members.

Marathon Club Championship events for 2021 include:

Feb 14     Coatesville Half Marathon  
April 11   Waterfront Half Marathon               May 8      Rotorua Marathon

July 31    Taupo Half Marathon

Oct 31      Auckland Half Marathon                Oct 31     Auckland Marathon

Nov 13     Kerikeri-Half-Marathon

The 8th Continent Marathon & Half Marathon Results: 2021 8th Continent Marathon

More details are available from the Events tab on our website. Contact us:                 

Welcome to New Zealand's Foremost Marathon Running Club

The Auckland YMCA Marathon Club is New Zealand's foremost marathon running and walking club - and has been since 1977. We have one purpose... helping runners and walkers just like you achieve your distance running and walking goals.

Every new member that has followed our training programme has successfully made it across the finish line of their first marathon or half-marathon. And we've been going since 1977 so that's quite an achievement.

Our secret weapon in achieving this remarkable feat is our pack running system which follows Arthur Lydiard's formula "that long, even-pace running at a strong speed produces increased strength and endurance... and is beneficial to regular competition."

Each pack runs at a set pace and you choose the pack best suited to your ability and fitness level.

Rat Pack
5 ¼'s
5 ½'s
5 ¾'s    
6 ¼'s
6 ½'s

(keep up if you can, sub 4:30/km)
3 Walking Groups

Sunday running & walking times
We run & walk every Sunday morning at the times below. It pays to arrive 15 minutes early to get a park and get changed. We have great showers so bring a towel for after the run too.

In between build-ups the packs generally run for about 1 ½ hours. Don't worry if that sounds a lot more than you're used to or you're worried about holding the pack up - we stop for water every half hour, and traffic lights are always a great place for stragglers (of which there are many!) to catch up.

First-timers often say they ran further than they expected on their first time with us, but found it much easier than they expected.

You'll find we're very supportive, and you'll be amazed at how quickly you adapt to the longer distances.

During build-ups (see the Programs Page) we run set distances which start at 21km and build up to 33km for marathon training. Most packs also have a sub-group not wanting to do the full marathon build-up and they run a shorter distance each Sunday - so if 33km sounds intimidating, don't worry!

  • From January to April...
    • Runners - 7:00 am
    • Walkers - 6:00 am (from 14 February - 18 April)
  • From May to December...
    • Runners - 8:00 am
    • Walkers - 7:00 am (from 15 August - 17 October)