Sunday Pack Runs...

We run & walk every Sunday morning at the times below. It pays to arrive 15 minutes early to get a park and get changed. We have great showers so bring a towel for after the run too.

The current club programme is run every Sunday unless noted below.

  • 8:00 am - Runners and Walkers

Note: We run at 7:00 am from January until the week before the Rotorua Marathon in May, and at 8:00 am after the Rotorua Marathon until Christmas.

See you at 7:45 am for a 8:00 am run time.

Auckland Marathon 2018 Build-up...

Full Half Description





Sunday 22 July: Week 01; 21 km. Hillsborough, here we come! 15 km for half marathoners - you are spared Hillsborough.


Sunday 29 July: Week 02; Three Peaks, Mt. Eden, One Tree Hill and Mt. Hobson. Oh and don't forget to bounce over Mt. St. Johns.

Week 3 AKLD-Wk03-Full.jpg Week 3 AKLD-Wk03-Half.jpg Sunday 05 August: Week 03; 24km. Dominion Rd, New North Rd, Blockhouse Bay Road, out to Coyle park and home via West End Rd. 18km - Turn for home at Pt. Chev & battle Chinaman's Hill.

Week 4 AKLD-Wk04-Full.jpg Week 4 AKLD-Wk04-Half.jpg Sunday 12 August: Week 04; 26km. Tamaki Dr to St Heliers and back through Remuera. 18km - turn right (because you'll get wet going left) at Mission Bay, Kepa Rd, Shore Rd, Ayr St and home

Week 5 AKLD-Wk05-Full.jpg Week 5 AKLD-Wk05-Half.jpg Sunday 19 August: Week 05; 27 km along the NW motorway and back along Rosebank Rd, thru Balmoral and along Manukau Rd. 19km - Turnaround at Patiki, retrace your steps to the Y.

Week 6 AKLD-Wk06-Full.jpg Week 06 AKLD-Wk06-Half.jpg Sunday 26 August: Week 06; 29km. College Hill, up to Parnell and Remuera, via the waterfront back to THAT hill again. 20km - Turn left on Remuera Rd, battle the hills behind Newmarket and THAT hill.

Week 07 AKLD-Wk07-Full.jpg Week 07 AKLD-Wk07-Half.jpg Sunday 02 September: Week 07; 29km. Panmure basin here we come (no time for swimming). 20km - Turn at Lunn Ave, back along Marua Rd and Remuera Rd (oh joy).

Week 08 AKLD-Wk08-Full.jpg

Week 08 AKLD-Wk08-Half.jpg

Sunday 09 September: Week 08; 32km. Around Mangere Mountain we go. 22km for half marathoners, turn right before Onehunga, no mountain for you.

Week 9AKLD-Wk09-Full.jpg

Week 09 AKLD-Wk09-Half.jpg

Sunday 16 September: Week 09; 26.5km. Grey St is closed. We run from North Shore YMCA, Akoranga Dr, tracing the early part of the AKLD marathon. 20km for half marathoners
Week 12 AKLD-Wk10-Full.jpg

Week10 AKLD-Wk10-Half.jpg

Sunday 23 September: Week 10; 31.5 km. Titirangi, here we come! Remember, Hills are my friend. 20.5 km for half-marathoners, a reprieve at Blockhouse Bay Rd.
Week 12 AKLD-Wk11-Full.jpg

Week11 AKLD-Wk11-Half.jpg

Sunday 30 September: Week 11; 27km. Hillsborough Rd via One Tree Hill and back via Dominion Rd. 21km for half marathoners, turn for home after One Tree Hill

Week 12 AKLD-Wk12-Full.jpg

Week 12 AKLD-Wk12-Half.jpg

Sunday 07 October: Week 12; 32km. Tamaki Dr & Riddell Rd, through Glen Innes and back via Lunn Ave & Remuera Rd. 22km half marathoners, loop right at Kohimarama up to Kepa.
Week 13 AKLD-Wk13-Full.jpg Week 13 AKLD-Wk13-Half.jpg Sunday 14 October: Week 13; 26 km. Ponsonby, Cox's Bay, Pt Chev, across to Greenlane and home. 18km for half marathoners, turn early at Sandringham Rd..

Week 14 AKLD-Wk14-Full.jpg

Week14 AKLD-Wk14-Half.jpg

Sunday 21 October: Week 14;16 km. Down Curran St and under the bridge to follow the marathon course the The Strand and back home via Grafton Rd. 15km half marathoners

Marathon Akld_Marathon.jpg

Marathon Akld_Half_Marathon.jpg

Sunday 28 October: The Big One - Auckland Marathon