'WhyWomenRun' Women's Event

2021 Event Information  

We are looking forward to our 42nd annual WhyWomenRun Women’s Event.
Sunday May 16 in the Auckland Domain with race headquarters/start at the main Grandstand.
Why do women run ? For fitness, for fun, for freedom! When you are running your time is your own and WhyWomenRun wants to help you celebrate that. This run or walk is for you.
This event is open to women of all ages and fitness levels. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved, get outside, work on the fitness and enjoy an event for women. Men are welcome supporters.

Join us for a 5k or 10k walk or run - any age, YMCA Marathon Club member or not.
Walkers start 9:00am. Runners start 9:30am  
The Kids Dash start 10:30am.
Please share this event page with anyone you know who may be interested or who could be persuaded.

Here's what you need to do:
1. Entries are open.
Sign up online https://event-9000-38cf.lilregie.com/ or late entries are taken on the day.  
2. Arrive early on Sunday morning. Parking is usually good all around the Domain.
3. Email us your enquiries, support or sponsorship details: 


a) Run or Walk; include age if under 15;
b) Results will be online
c) Lots of Fabulous Spot Prizes to be won. Prize Giving start 11am.
4. Go to the Club website webscorer.com WhyWomenRun to download your race certificate
5. Post your achievement, photos and comments to the Club's FaceBook page for everyone to see.

Safety: Walkers/runners must keep to the left hand side of the footpath at all times, unless otherwise directed by an Event Marshal. Failure to stay on the designated footpaths will result in disqualification from the event.
Results will be collated and published on the Club's website. We look forward to seeing you all out on the course!

Route Map

Here is the route around the Auckland Domain.

Water stations are shown on the map, and rubbish bins are nearby. We suggest taking your own water bottle.

The changing rooms, toilets and showers under the grandstand are open and there are other toilets out around the course.


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For beginners who want to work up to running the event, here are two training programmes - one for the 5 km and one for the 10 km...


If you have any questions about the event, just contact us, we are happy to answer! women@ymcamarathon.org.nz  

2020 Results (virtual event)

Women  10K Run    Time  R / W  
Anna McRae 0:48:59    
Anna Scarth 0:49:43    
Jeanne der Merwe 0:56:30    
Amy Johns 0:57:11    
Isla Nixon 1:02:31    
Tracy Hill 1:05:09    
Alison Voorburg 1:09:00    
Chris Archer 1:09:18    
Alison Wheeler 1:13:00    
Women  10K Walk
Jill Stewart 1:13:06    
Linda Metzger 1:17:16    
Helen Meyer 1:18:30    
Jenny Mattson 1:26:42    
Philippa Furlong 1:27:45    
Judith Overington 1:35:09    
Michelle Dragicevich 1:46:00    
Carla Tunicliffe 1:54:00    
Christina Buchanan 2:07:23    
Andrea Garland 2:08:58    

Children  5K 

Cooper Hanna 0:31:10  Run  7 years
Eylsia Landridge 0:45:20  Walk  7 years
Keria Landridge 0:45:10  Walk  10 yrs
Demira O'Brien 1:04:13  Walk  8 years
Women  5K Run        
Sue Meltzer 0:24:04    
Christine Munro 0:29:19    
Sonya Macmillan 0:29:50    
Valentina Missen 0:29:50    
Carleen Gibbons 0:31:07    
Anita Hanna 0:31:10    
Liz Harding 0:31:48    
Jennifer Hacker Pearson 0:36:26    
Fleur Cutfield 0:44:56    
Women  5K Walk        
Linda Metzger 0:39:44    
Sylvia Langridge 0:45:20    
Joy Johns 0:48:38    
Robyn Harper 0:50:00    
Briony 0:50:53    
Nicola 0:50:53    
Daryl Lewis 1:04:13    
Vanessa Baddock 1:04:15    

Whatever I felt like

Distance   R / W  Time
Relleke van Pelt 4  Walk  0:50:00
Karen Crossan  Run  0:51:00
Barbara Scarfe 12   Run  
Cheryl Price 12.3   Walk  2:01:00
Renee Price 15.0   Walk  1:55:00
Rebecca Edgecombe 15   Run  1:44:50
Trudy Vinkenvleugel 16.1   Walk  2:13:00
Charlotte Nasey 21.1   Run  2:40:00
 Colleen Falloon 27   Walk  4:01:00