Sunday Pack Runs...

We run & walk every Sunday morning at the times below. It pays to arrive 15 minutes early to get a park and get changed. We have great showers so bring a towel for after the run too.

The current club programme is run every Sunday unless noted below.

  • 7:00 am - Everyone

Note: We run at 7:00 am from January (6:00am walkers from 16 Feb) until the week before the Rotorua Marathon in May, and at 8:00 am after the Rotorua Marathon until Christmas (7:00am for the walkers from Week 4 until AKLD Marathon). 

2020 Rotorua Marathon Build-up...

Full Half Description


Week 1Rot-Wk1-Half.jpg

Sunday 26 January: Week 01; 21 km. Hillsborough, here we come! 15 km for non-marathoners - and you are spared Hillsborough.

Week 1Rot-Wk02-Full.jpg

Week 2Rot-Wk02-Half.jpg

Sunday 02 February: Week 02; 23 km. One Tree Hill, Orakei Basin & Tamaki Dr. 15 km for non-marathoners.
eek 2Rot-Wk03-Full.jpg

Week 32Rot-Wk03-Half.jpg

Sunday 09 February: Week 03; 24 km. Coyle Park then Blockhouse Bay Rd and back across Auckland. With extra option of boardwalk in Westmere. 18 km for non-marathoners.
ek 4Rot-Wk04-Full.jpg

Week 4Rot-Wk04-Half.jpg

Sunday 16 February: Week 04; 26 km. Down to Onehunga and along the Manukau Coastal Walkway. 18 km for non-marathoners
Week 5Rot-Wk05-Full.jpg

Week 5Rot-Wk05-Half.jpg

Sunday 23 February: Week 05; 26.5 km. Through Newmarket to Avondale and back via NW motorway and Chinaman's hill. 18 km for non-marathoners, turn early onto Mt. Albert Road
Week 7Rot-Wk07-Full.jpg

Week 7Rot-Wk07-Half.jpg

Sunday 01 March: Week 06; 28.5 km. Penrose, Royal Oak, Mt Albert, Western Springs, and just as you think we're almost there we turn left at the top of Chinaman's Hill for a loop before home. 20 km for non-marathoners. Newmarket to Church Street and back to the Y.

Week 6Rot-Wk06-Full.jpg

Week 6Rot-Wk06-Half.jpg

Sunday 08 March: Week 07; 28 km. College Hill, out along the waterfront to Kohimarama, some hill training up to Kepa, back to the waterfront, then up THAT hill again. 20 km for non-marathoners; College Hill, out along the waterfront to Okahu Bay and back.

Week 8Rot-Wk08-Full.jpg

Week 8Rot-Wk08-Half.jpg

Sunday 15 March: Week 08; 32 km. It's our first 26-miler so a loop around Mangere Mountain. 22 km for half-marathoners it's out to Onehunga and back.
Week 9Rot-Wk09-Full.jpg

Week 9Rot-Wk09-Half.jpg

Sunday 22 March: Week 09; Only" 27 km today but with a nasty climb over Mt Wellington in the middle. Just remember, "hills are my friend!". 20 km for half-marathoners, turn left on Burt and head home via Marua and Remuera Roads.
Week 10Rot-Wk10-Full.jpg

Week 10Rot-Wk10-Half.jpg

Sunday 29 March: Week 10; 33 km. One for the Westies, way out Te Atatu way and back past the cemetary. Oh, and there might be one or two hills. 22 km for half-marathoners, out to Rosebank Road and then turn for home.
Week 11Rot-Wk11-Full.jpg

Week 11Rot-Wk11-Half.jpg

Sunday 05 April: Week 11; 27 km. A big loop out Hillsborough way and Penrose via One Tree Hill.20 km for half-marathoners, out Mt. Roskill, 3 Kings and home via Manukau Road.
Week 12Rot-Wk12-Full.jpg

Week 12Rot-Wk12-Half.jpg

Sunday 12 April: Week 12; Glen Innes via Tamaki Drive both ways. 22 km for half-marathoners, St. Heliers and back.
Week 13Rot-Wk13-Full.jpg

Week 13Rot-Wk13-Half.jpg

Sunday 19 April: Week 13; 26 km. Halsey Drive, Lynfield. Hills galore! 18 km for half-marathoners.
Week 14Rot-Wk14-Full.jpg

Week 14Rot-Wk14-Half.jpg

Sunday 26April: Week 14; 16 km. Tamaki Yacht Club & back. Yep, a nice taper for the last week of the build-up. 12 km for half-marathoners, Royal Akarana Yatch Club.
Week 15Rot-Mrtn-Full.jpg

Week 15Rot-Mrth-Half.jpg

Saturday 02 May: Week 15; 42.2 km or 21.1, your choice. Today is what is all been for - good luck to all.


Half Marathon Training Routes 



2 Peaks


14 July: Week 01; 14.5km Two Peaks,

Pitt St to Mt. Eden, out onto Owens, cut through Melville Park to Market Rd. Up and over Mt. Hobson and head for home via Remuera Rd, Broadway, Domain Dr and Grafton Bridge.

2 Peaks


14 July: Week 01; 12.7km Two Peaks (Shorter version),

Pitt St to Mt. Eden, out onto Owens to Manukau Rd, Mt St John Ave and left at Market Rd. Up and over Mt. Hobson and head for home via Remuera Rd, Broadway, Khyber Pass Rd, Park Rd and Grafton Bridge.

 Week 2


21 July: Week 02; 11.0km.

Right onto K'Rd to Bond St and accross New North Road to Sandringham Rd.  Left into Stoddard Road and then right into Balmoral Rd. Left into Mt Eden Rd to head home via Symonds St and K'Rd (a trip to the top of Mt. Eden is optional).

Week 3


28 July: Week 03; 12km.

Pitt St, K Rd and across Grafton Bridge. Right onto Grafton Rd to Khyber Pass Rd, left onto New North Rd and Dominion Rd. Right at St Lukes Rd through to Great North Rd. Back to the Y along Great North Rd, battling Chinaman's Hill along the way.

Week 4


04 August: Week 04; 13km.

Hobson St to Quay St and along Tamaki Dr. Turn right at Ngapipi Rd and head for Orakei Rd, Shore Rd, Ayr St and home through Domain Dr and Grafton Bridge.

Week 5


11 August: Week 05; 14.5km

K Rd to Pt. Chevalier. Across the motorway and down to Great North Rd. Turn left to cross the new footbridge into Unitec. Turn right and work your away around Unitec to a left onto Carrington Rd.  Back to Pt Chevalier, turn right and retrace your steps to the Y.

Week 6


18 August: Week 06; 16km.

K Rd to Ponsonby, down College Hill, along Quay St, up Gladstone Rd to Canterbury Pl. Left into St Stephens Ave and down to the waterfront.  Left Along Tamaki Dr to Victoria Park and up THAT College Hill again, home through Ponsonby.

Week 7


25 August: Week 07; 16.5km.

Through The Domain, Broadway and Manukau Rd. Along Puriri Drive and out to Green Lane W.  Make your way through to Greenlane, across the motorway to Green lane E to Remuera Rd. Left at Remuera Rd, then retrace your steps through Newmarket and The Domain.

Week 8


01 September: Week 08; 17.7km.

Through The Domain, Broadway and Manukau Rd.  Along Puriri Drive and cross the road into Cornwall Park.  Enjoy Twin Oaks, Grand Drs, follow Bollard Ave to the Observatory. Turn right onto Manukau Rd back to the Domain and home.

Week 9


08 September: Week 09; 19km.

Start from the North Shore YMCA on Akoranga Drive, right into Nortcote Rd, right again into Taharoto Rd, Anzac St, Burns Ave, Bracken Ave and along Lake Rd to Mt Victoria.  Keep right along Albert Rd, then Victoria Rd to the starting place of the Auckland Marathon on King Edward Parade. Follow the Marathon route back to Smales Farm, stay off the Busway and head along The Avenue and head back to the YMCA.

Week 10


15 September: Week 10; 18.5 km.

Start at Pitt St, along Great North Rd veer onto Blockhouse Bay Rd, left on New North Rd, right to St Lukes and head for home along Dominion Rd, New North Rd and Symonds St.

Week 11


22 September: Week 11; 18.8km.

Head the long way to the Domain via K Rd, Symonds St, Khyber Pass Rd and Park Rd.  Along Domain Dr, right onto Broadway, through Newmarket, and along the Great South Rd to Campbell Rd. Right into Cornwall Park at Bollard Ave.  Right along Twin Oaks, across Green lane W to Puriri Dr and Manukau Rd. Follow you nose back to Newmarket and Domain Dr.  After hospital hill, take the shortest route home over Grafton Bridge.

Week 12


29 September: Week 12; 20km.

Down Vincent and Albert Sts to Quay St. Along Tamaki Dr to Kohimarama Rd. Right into Kepa Rd and along to Ngapipi R and left back out onto Tamaki Dr.  Retrace your steps back to the Y.

Week 13


06 October: Week 13; 18 km.

Right onto K Rd and then again for Ponsonby Rd.  Onto Jervois Rd and down West End Rd.  Left at Garnett Rd and onto Meola Rd, right at Pt Chevalier Rd. Cross the motorway and head to Sandringham via Carrington and Mt Albert Rds. Turn left onto Sandringham Rd and head back to The Y through New North Rd and Symonds St.

Week 14


13 October: Week 14; 15 km.

Right onto K Rd and then again for Ponsonby Rd.  Onto Jervois Rd and down Curran St, under the bridge to follow the Auckland Marathon course through the Viaduct to Quay St.  Right at The Strand, along Stanley St, climb Grafton Rd and back home via Grafton Bridge.



Sunday 20 October: The ASB Auckland Half Marathon